What’s a Weed?

Author: Amanda Carrigan

One of the things about growing a native plant garden is that native species that would be ‘weeds’ in a traditional space can be recognized as flowering plants with a role to play. Some examples would be the biennial evening primrose mentioned in the previous post, and the annual daisy fleabane, which has also volunteered at the Alcove garden. The latter, (Erigeron annuus), is native to the eastern half of the continent, and does reseed prolifically, but it is easy to remove unwanted seedlings, and the tall sprays of delicate white and yellow daisy flowers are a nice accent in a wildflower/native garden. A member of the Asteraceae family, its flowers are visited by a number of native bees, flies, and wasps. So it is worth keeping a handful of the plants in the Alcove, although some will be pulled before the seed matures to prevent excessive numbers of seedlings next year.

shows daisy fleabane blooming in the Alcove garden

Annual daisy fleabane blooming in the Alcove garden.

Photo: Amanda Carrigan

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