2020 Trowel Talk Newsletters

The Sweet Smells of Floral Success  January 2020

     Sweet Smells, the Sequel  February 2020

Historic Ginkgo, Ideal Urban Tree  March 2020           

Planting Tomatoes, Grow a Pizza, Blue Indigo  April 2020

Radishes, Zinnias, Vernonia May 2020

Calendula, Safety, Shorelines, Mint, Alliums June 2020

Beets, Meadowscaping, Japanese beetles, Herbs July 2020

Kale, Fruit bushes, Book review August 2020

Drying Hydrangeas, Native Grasses, Dividing Daylilies, Creeping Bell Flower, Lemon Verbena September 2020

Planting bulbs with children, Gypsy moths, Goldenrods, Autumn leaves October 2020

Cypress spurge, Chia, Houseplants, Book review November 2020

Norfolk Island pine, Christmas cacti, Cuttings, Evergreen groundcovers December 2020