2021 Trowel Talk Newsletters


Cape primrose, Ikebana, Book review, Wintercreeper - December 2021

Jade plant, Holiday arrangement, Alcove garden, Book review,  Miscanthus Grasses - November 2021

Soil, Wild flowers, Freezing harvests, Dogs, Norway maple - October 2021

Poppies, Blueberries, Light pollution, Goutweed - September 2021

Daylilies, Pesticide Ban, Ginger, Nasturiums, Periwinkle - August 2021

Successive planting, Harvesting garlic, Solving questions, Pollinator tips, English ivy - July 2021

Rose pests, Water Wise Gardening, Book review, Buckthorn, Ditch Lily - June 2021

Lily of the valley, vegetables in containers, Asparagus, Hepaticas, Wood poppy, Yellow archangel - May 2021

Earth day, Rhubarb, Clematis, Spring edimentals, Creeping Jenny - April 2021

Sorrel, Weeds, Sage or Savory, Bloodroot, Amur Maple - March 2021

Aloe, Clivia, Ajuga, winter garden for birds - February 2021

Jade plant, Invasive plants, Valentine's day gift, Microgreens - January 2021