Join us -

Every year MGOC welcomes new members who wish to share their horticultural knowledge with the public.  Members must complete specified educational requirements within 3 years of joining, must agree to volunteer at least 30 hours of time each year and must also agree to keep their knowledge up to date.

September, 2023: MGOC has now adopted a plan to accept new members only once each year.  Applications will be accepted from April to September.  In October, the applicants will be invited to participate in an orientation meeting via Zoom.  Applicants who are still interested will then be asked to provide further information and will be individually interviewed.  Those who are invited to join will be asked to attend the November meeting and if they are still interested after that will be asked to sign the Master Gardener Agreement and will officially join in January.

The application form:  Preliminary application to join Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton